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IEEE Sri Lanka Section Awards Night 2019

The Annual Awards Night of IEEE Sri Lanka Section is conducted in order to recognize the activities currently undergoing in the Section and identify those that cater to the needs of all stakeholders. Ranging from students and academia to the industry, the awards will admire the hard work and commitment of all enthusiastic IEEE volunteers
in the best way possible, at the biggest annual gathering in the section with the presence of prestigious IEEE leaders. This is the platform that will appreciate the efforts put forth by the IEEE volunteering community by recognizing their
accomplishments under several award categories.

Best Student Branch Activity Award

 Best Young Professionals Activity Award

 Best Women In Engineering Activity Award

Best Technical Chapter Activity Award

Best Industry Collaborative Project

Membership Retention Award

 However small the activities you organized might seem, do not hesitate in applying since it’s little things that grow big.

Fill in the online application form at before 6th December 2019.

Read and adhere to the terms and conditions given in the site and most importantly, do not forget to email the follow up report to the IEEE  Sri Lanka Section Awards Committee Chair explaining why your event or activity qualifies for the award, prior to the deadline!


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