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IEEE Electronic Design Competition for University Undergraduates 2014

The second Electronic design competition for university undergraduate students organized by the IEEE Sri Lanka Section was held successfully with the participation of 28 groups with 78 students including 36 IEEE student members on November 22nd 2014. Students from 5 higher education institutes participated in the competition at three locations, Univesity of Peradeniya, University of Ruhuna, and Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. Marks were given for performance to specifications, documentation, and quality. The performance of all the circuits was measured on a single platform under identical input conditions. The winners of the competition were selected based on the above, by a panel of judges. The winners were awarded cash prizes as well as certificates at the annual general meeting of the IEEE Sri Lanka Section in February 2015 held at Hotel Galadari, Colombo. The following were the winners of the competition:

1st Place: team “3 idiots” (University of Peradeniya)
W.M.D.S. Weerakoon

2nd Place (shared): team “SparooS” (University of Peradeniya)

2nd Place (shared): team “Encoders” (University of Ruhuna)
Guruge S.C.
Dadallage K.M.
Senarathna M.

3rd Place: team “Frankenstein” (University of Moratuwa)
A.L.D. Shakya

This activity was aimed at popularizing IEEE among the student community as well as to boost the electronic design interest and capabilities of Sri Lankan university students. There were many technically sound and innovative designs at the end of the competition and the students as well as the judges were extremely happy about the outcome of the event.

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