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IEEE Techno Meetup 2019/20

The Silicon Valley didn’t appear out of anywhere. Foresighted people in California built the proper culture for ideas to prosper.  Over the past years, technology has transcended poverty, race and economics to become a driving force in the lives of people across developing countries. Sri Lankan technology field is also blooming. Emergence of tech giants would contribute immensely in the march towards excellence in the country’s technology field. We believe that producing pioneers of technology from Sri Lanka should be our target. 

Here in Sri Lanka, our tech enthusiastic youngsters face many problems when it comes to the field of technology. Lack of knowledge on novel technologies has become a major problem even among the industry people.

IEEE Techno Meetup is launched with the objective of providing knowledge and networking opportunity for undergraduates with the industry professionals. In this program, a meet-up series will be organized for the tech enthusiasts in Sri Lanka in the field of novel technologies. At the end of this series, we aim to enlighten these enthusiasts about the latest  technologies used in the industry and to motivate and prepare themselves for the technical and managerial issues that they would have to face in the future.

IEEE Sri Lanka Section Student Activities Committee took the initiative of organizing IEEE Techno Meetup 2017, “The Science of Today is the Technology of Tomorrow”. It rolled up as five meetups focusing on the tech-interested audience including industry professionals and undergraduates to create one platform to share knowledge about the novel technologies of engineering and increase networking opportunity for undergraduates with industry professionals. 

With a much diverse lineup of contemporary and trending technology, IEEE Techno Meetup 2017 was able to showcase the very latest in technical excellence, igniting the passion of future generations of Sri Lanka to achieve their ambitions, both professional and educational. IEEE Techno Meetup 2017 was recognized by IEEE Sri Lanka Section at the IEEE Sri Lanka Section Student/YP/WIE Congress Awards Night 2017 for its industry collaboration in organizing events, which itself speaks about the success of the meetup series.

Following the success of 2017, IEEE Techno Meetup continued to 2018 and up to four meetups were organized. Meetups were filled with enthusiastic students and undergraduate and, were able to give them an insightful approach to the most impactful trending technologies in the world. Following is a detailed description.

After two successful series of IEEE Techno Meetups, it will continue in the year 2019 in a grander scale having eight meetups in a span of eight months with LSEG Technologies being the Platinum Partner. Amidst the technological war between the US and China, it is a must for the student community and the tech enthusiasts to focus on the current trends of technology in the world. 

The meetup series commenced on the 26th of July stepping into “Industry 4.0” and will continue till next January concentrating on even more interesting topics like “Embedded Systems” and “Self Driving Cars”. The first meetup was held at Creative Software with the event partnership from CMS. The sessions were conducted by Mr. Asanga Ranasinghe, founder and executive director of STAMPEDE and by Mr. Dino Corera, Head of ‘Layup’ and co-founder of ‘Block & Dino’.

As a set of responsible young individuals who are passionate about volunteering, through IEEE Techno Meetup 2019/20, we will showcase the latest innovations and advancements in technological excellence, igniting the passion of future generations of Sri Lanka to achieve their ambitions, both professional and educational.

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