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IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka 2018

Every great innovation starts off with a simple idea and each such idea needs guidance to improvise, finance to develop and an insight on the industry it addresses. This sums up the aims of IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka (INSL) 2018 in providing the young entrepreneurs with essential training, mentorship and seed-funding in order to make way to successful entrepreneurs, hence, establishing the foundation for our nation’s prosperity.

The competition consists of two rounds; namely, preliminary, where the submitted entries will be evaluated and ten elite teams will be selected and mentored. Then the final round where the elite teams have to pitch and win their funding from the judges who may double as investors.

Participants are expected to submit their entries to the first round beginning from 16th of April 2018 to 20th of June 2018 and any submissions received after the deadline will be considered invalid. For more details on IEEE INSL 2018, visit our website here.

Thus far, we have conducted the general Introductory session on 17th of May 2018 and individual introductory sessions will be held in several universities by the corresponding student ambassadors.

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IEEE INSL 2018 is on its way to make a difference and we hope we acquire the utmost cooperation from everyone to accomplish our cause.

Thank you.
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