Mother Language Day 2015

This is an annual event that falls on 21st of February. In order to celebrate the day, IEEE SB of UCSC organized a session and a translation marathon at the university premises. The guest speaker for the occasion was Mr. Pathum Egodawatta, creative director at Mooniak pvt. ltd. and the topic of the day was “The Next Steps for our Mother Tongue: Localization and roll fonts”. Winners of translation marathon were given prices.

Tech Talk Sessions

IEEE SB of UCSC held a number of tech talk sessions within university premises, with the hopes of improving the knowledge of undergraduates in specific domains. Some of the sessions were,

Game Development with Unity Engine

A session was held on the 27th of March 2015 with the aim of providing guidance to develop a basic games using Unity Engine.

Object Oriented Programming Session

A session covering Object Oriented Programming concepts was held on the 20th of May 2015 and it covered the practical applications of the Object Oriented Programming.

Computer Hardware Session

This session was held on 5th June 2015 and it focused on giving a basic understanding about hardware components present within a computer, their functionalities and how to dismantle and assemble a computer. This was followed by a hands on practical session for students to gain a proper understanding about the domain.

C++ Programming Session

A C++ session was held by MillenniumIT on 11th June 2015 in order to improve the knowledge regarding performance driven computing.

Linux Session

An introductory session on Linux was held on 12th June 2015. Various topics on this domain were covered including a detailed description of the available distribution.

Ideamart Session Series

There was a session series held by Dialog Ideamart that continued through the month of September 2015.


Evoke 2015

Evoke 2015 was an exhibition organized by the Balangoda Ananda Maithreya Madya Maha Vidyalaya to improve the technical skills of school students which was held from 2nd of April to 5th of April . 5 undergraduates from UCSC participated for this event  to spread the knowledge about technological advances.

Sayaththa Dheepa

This was a technology exhibition held in Gankanda Madya Vidyalaya for 86th Anniversary of School which was held on the 30th of March 2015.


InfoV was an exhibition organized by Visakha Vidyalaya Colombo 05 . UCSC undergraduates presented 3 projects which was done by UCSC . They were “Vidusayura” , “Subasa”  and  “FaceID”.


Reid  Cyber Wars – 2015

A game day was held on the 17th of June, 2015 for undergraduates of University of Colombo with the partnership of MSI Gaming. Participants for the event had the chance of playing  COD4 , Most Wanted , Fruit Ninja, Temple Run and Mortal Combat. The winners received cash prizes,  joystick pairs, MSI mouses, MSI T-shirts, MSI pens, chocolates and sweets to celebrate the accomplishments.

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IEEE awareness program and UCSC IEEE SB Operating Committees Recruitment

In order to create awareness among the first year student about the IEEE and its goals & objectives, IEEE SB of UCSC conducted an awareness program with the support of the staff of UCSC.It was held on 27th of July 2015 at the UCSC premises. Operating Committees Recruitment for the student branch also followed that day.

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The National Schools Software Competition (NSSC) – 2015

The National Schools Software Competition (NSSC) – 2015 conducted by the Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL) for the 26th consecutive time was concluded on the 4th of October 2015 at the UCSC premises.

The online examination was managed by the members of the IEEE Student Branch of the UCSC. Dr. Ajantha Athukorala, CSSL’s Advisor on Students’ Affairs, was overall in charge of this project. 

IEEExtreme 9.0

IEEE Xtreme Programming Competition 9.0 was held on 24th October 2015 from 00:00 UTC  till 25th October 2015 00:00 UTC  at the University of Colombo School of Computing premises .This was organized by the IEEE student branch of UCSC in collaboration with Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). A total of 81 teams participated in the competition. MillenniumIT, Cambio Software Engineering were the sponsors for UCSC. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks were provided for the day.


Some of the UCSC’s  top up-and-coming programmers,

Hal9000   world rank – 145, country rank – 6

Ado world rank – 149, country rank – 7

tripleX world rank – 167, country rank – 11

dhangayo world rank – 204, country rank – 15

anonimouse world rank – 240, country rank – 19

Excalibur world rank – 257, country rank – 22

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IEEE Day 2015

IEEE Day  2015, was proudly presented by the IEEE Student Branch of UCSC on 7th October at the New Arts Theatre of University of Colombo. This special event was attended by the director of UCSC (University of Colombo School of Computing), Professor Gihan Nilendra Wikramanayake, former director of UCSC, Dr. A. R. Weerasinghe, Guest Speakers for the day, Senior Lecturers of UCSC and as well as undergraduates of UCSC and other Universities (Waymba University of Sri Lanka, University of Ruhuna). Whilst “Leveraging Technology for a better tomorrow” being the theme for the year 2015, tech talk sessions were conducted by Mr. Sampath Thilakakumara (Software Architect at MIT), Dr. A. R. Weerasinghe (Senior Lecturer at UCSC) and Mr. Imesh Gunaratne (Senior Technical Lead in the Cloud Technologies team at WSO2) on the topics based on Software Engineers for future, Developments related to AI (Artificial Intelligence),about many inventions that are being introduced recently such as 3D printers, Agile Robots, car to car communication and Agricultural Drones. More than 200 IEEE members participated in this event.

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Workshop series in Anuradhapura

IEEE Student Branch of University of Colombo School of Computing together with Computer Science Society of University of Colombo and the IEEE Women In Engineering Student Branch Affinity Group of UCSC concluded one of the most successful workshop series on the 16th and 17th of October . The series covered Anuradhapura Central College, Viharapalugama Vidya Raja Vidyalaya , Viharapalugama Bulankulama Vidyalaya , Paniyankadawala Gamini Maha Vidyalaya and Zonal Education Office, Anuradhapura. This series mainly covered HTML, CSS, solving logical expressions, programming in python , computers and software, evolution of computer and technology,  an introduction on internet , modern technology related to science, computer games , better use of internet, using technologies like Google search, Language Input Tools and Google Maps.

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