The 6th of August 2016 dawned ready to deliver yet another to-be-remembered day to the Sri Lankan IEEE Section. The Student Branch of the Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka was getting ready to entertain the participants with a different kind of an experience.

The main purpose of this event, according to a member of the organizing committee who talked to us, was to bring together the families of senior and graduate IEEE members and the Executive Committees of Student branches in the country. What had driven them was the fact that the senior members, graduate members and student branches got seldom opportunity to leisurely interact with each other and simply have fun!

Many IEEE members and student branches representatives were able to present themselves at the event while some others were less fortunate due to unavoidable circumstances. The session was scheduled for 1400 hours. After registration of the participants, they were warmly welcomed by Mr. Suneth Pathirana, Lecturer at Uva-Wellassa University of Sri Lanka, Department of computer Science and Technology. Afterwards started all the entertainment!

There were two sessions of fun events separated by a brief speech from the Chairman of the IEEE Sri Lankan Section, Dr. Sanjeewa Vitharana, asking the IEEEians to enjoy the evening. The participant members were put into four groups to take part in the sessions, a total of six fun events, after which there was a little refreshment along with an entertaining drama.

Then it was the time for the Treasure Hunt! The hunters had to scan a QR code to decipher the clues and a participant told us that it was indeed one of the best fun activities he had taken part in recently.

The final episode of the eve unraveled as the sun was setting below the hills, with the university anthem of Uva-Wellassa University of Sri Lanka. A brief introduction of the University was followed by a musical session presented by the Calypso Band of the University along with dancing items from the Dance Troupe. Some of the Student members from the audience also contributed to the entertainment with their own singing! The participants were quite pleased with the entertainment, not to mention the mouth-watering dinner.

The Organizing Committee wanted to make sure that the IEEE Family Get-together 2016 will be an unforgettable experience to all the participants and were considerate enough to give away a little token of remembrance.

The day ended with the vote of thanks by Mr. Supun Asanga, the IEEE Student Branch Chairman, Uva-Wellassa University of Sri Lanka.

The participants, and all the others who missed the eve but heard stories of the fun, wanted the organizing committee to know, that they are waiting for the next family get-together, fingers-crossed!


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