Being a massive pillar of support to foster technological innovation and enhance technical professionalism, IEEE Sri Lanka Section organizes many diverse events for the young inventors in every nook and corner of the country. Among the numerous events throughout the year schedule, the IEEE Electronic Design Competition held on 21st November 2015 was an invaluable exposure and experience in showing up the technical and technological talent of the young inventors. It was organized with the patronage and sponsor of the Orel Corporation Pvt. Ltd and JLanka Technologies (Pvt) Limited.

With the participation of 60 groups, the IEEE Design Competition was held in collaboration with three universities in Sri Lanka, namely University of Peradeniya, University of Moratuwa and University of Ruhuna. While the groups from University of Peradeniya and Uva Wellassa competed at the premises of University of Peradeniya, the groups from University of Moratuwa and Wayamba competed at the premises of University of Moratuwa. The groups from University of Ruhuna competed at the same university premises. Due to the excessive number of participants, it was extremely difficult to place the groups of University of Wayamba at the premises of University of Peradeniya.

In consequence of the vivid conceptual thinking and excellent implementation of the competitors, it was once again a difficult task to decide the winners. Therefore according to the guidelines of the panel of judges the winners were announced as below,

First Place

University of Moratuwa

  • A.M.A.I.Rathnayaka
  • A.A.A.C.Athukorala
  • R.M.N.I.H.Ranasinghe

Second Place

University of Peradeniya

  • H.M.N.M. Herath
  • R.M.D.U. Bandara
  • R.A.A Rupasinghe

Third Place

University of Ruhuna

  • P.A.T. Janaraj
  • R.G.M. Priyadarshana
  • N.M.A.U. Madusanka

While the winners of the competition were awarded a Rs.10 000 cash prize with certificates, the groups obtained second and third place were awarded certificates with Rs.7500 and Rs.5000 prizes respectively. All the participants were awarded certificates of participation through their respective student branches.

IEEE Electronic Design Competition ended in style and was successful in achieving its goal of discovering the talents of young inventors and providing an exposure to tackle real world challenges.